Fundraising can be a fun day, and fund day. Historically, fundraisers use exorbitant amounts of time for a useless, unhealthy, or wasted product. This is the opposite of Common Sense and our goal of providing a useful, healthy, useable product adding value to the consumer and needed funds to a worthwhile organization. No longer do you need to buy waxy chocolate or coupon cards lost in your wallet. You can offer delicious, nutrient-dense, top quality products to every one you know and those you haven’t even met yet. Better yet, you’ll love earning up to 60% profit, where most fundraisers average 30%. When you add value to others, they value supporting the causes you have an interest in supporting. The revenue doesn’t stop there; once a customer is connected to you, when they reorder you will be paid every time they make a purchase. For details on how this program works, contact your Common Sense Wellness Business Owner and let them know you are looking for ways to fundraise for your desired organization!

Our founders have achieved many titles over their careers, but this is not about them, it is about what they can assist you in accomplishing.

We have the right products, the right compensation plan, and the right mentorship to assist you in achieving your goals!

Our mission is to restore common sense to a world that has lost it. We have survived mergers, acquisitions, and leaders giving up on us. We will never give up on your dreams!

If you want to be compensated well for your efforts, don't mess around with anyone but the best at Common Sense Wellness Worldwide!