XanSense, Motivate Combo

XanSense, Motivate Combo


XanSense, Motivate Combo

This Pack Contains:

1 CS Motivate

1 CS XanSense

CS Motivate Have you ever tasted a fresh ripe blackberry right from a bush, or a cold glass of REAL lemonade? The sensation is delicious and spine-tingling. True flavors from mother earth, showing up with a punch of power and relief! Designed to provide a calm, powerful edge of mental and physical energy. With no sugar, no jitters, and no crash, this can help you with the mental focus, clarity, and increased energy you need, with only 5 calories.

CS XanSense A synergistic combination of nutrient dense super foods! Designed to fuel the body with the goodies it needs to operate at peak potential. Don’t worry, we didn’t leave taste buds out of the fun, it’s refreshing and delightful! Only 5 calories and sugar-free!

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