Simply Sensible Meal Replacement Shake

Simply Sensible Meal Replacement Shake


Simply Sensible Meal Replacement Shake

Would it be too mundane to say this shake is awesome?

Well, here is the simple truth... Simply Sensible Meal Replacement Shakes can act as a meal replacement component for many sensible plans to achieve weight loss goals, build and recover muscle, and fulfill daily nutritional needs, all while feeling satiated!

The scoop is just shy of a 1/2 cup, but it power punches 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables in every serving! The blend of quality ingredients is designed to provide the essential nutrients of a well-balanced meal while simultaneously curbing hunger, increasing energy, and promoting muscle recovery.


Mix 1 scoop with about 14 oz of your favorite liquid (water, milk, almond milk etc...). For added flavor and nutrition, add any Common Sense drink stick.

[ 8000 ]

$ 79.95


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Michael Fazio from Cleveland, OH

This product is spectacular
The shake is spectacular. It has all the right nutrition and tastes delicious. This is better than anything at GNC.

Posted On Monday, November 09, 2020